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News and insight from Franciscan about our philosophy of hope through healthcare and recent issues affecting children’s wellness.

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Tips for Healthy Travel

Healthy Travel Infographic Preview

Summer is vacation season! If your family is planning any international travel this year, there are plenty of tips, information, and resources available to help keep your family safe, healthy and happy.

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Meet our Team: Kat, Residential Counselor and Supervisor Team Lead

Kat is a Residential Counselor and Supervisor Team Lead in our Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) program, providing direct support to children experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties. Care for one kid isn’t the same for another, says Kat, who works with her team to adapt and learn new techniques for all types of children and challenges.

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What’s a parent to do? The Peanut Conundrum

Peanut Butter Toast

The American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed three new guidelines to help parents navigate the introduction of peanut protein to their children. Joie Curran, Nurse Practitioner in our Pediatrics Clinic, reviews these guidelines on our blog and shares other helpful tips for parents who may be anxious about peanut allergies.

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Review: Speechless Premiere on ABC TV

ABC’s new TV Series, Speechless, follows the adventures of DiMeo family and is one of the first of its kind to offer unique insight into the life of a family with a child who has a disability. It is our privilege to work with incredible children and families who share challenges similar to those of JJ and the DiMeos – so we tuned in to check out the pilot episode. Now, we’re sharing some initial reactions from our Speech-Language Pathologists, Kennedy Day School teachers, and even a few of our Kennedy Day School students!

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Franciscan Children’s Pediatric Dentist Wins America’s Greatest Makers Reality TV Challenge

Have you heard of America’s Greatest Makers? Alongside her partners, Dr. Anubha Sacheti, one of the pediatric dentists in our Surgical Services program, competed in and ultimately won the reality show’s pilot season where designers and developers pitch their devices, then defend them against competitors. A practical application of powerful technology, Sacheti and her team pitched the “Grush” – a digital toothbrush that transforms teeth brushing into a fun and interactive activity.

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Go Max Go! Massimo’s Milestone Road Race

Massimo playing Adaptive Baseball

Born 3 months premature and weighing only two pounds, Massimo Reveliotty had a long journey ahead of him when he arrived at Franciscan Children’s in 2006. 10 years later, Massimo is a fun-loving and playful boy who is thriving in school and in sports. In celebration of this incredible milestone, Massimo, along with his family and friends, will be running in our 8th Annual Road Race.

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Reflections of a KDS Speech-Language Pathologist

Nimisha Muttiah is leaving Franciscan Children’s to continue her work in Speech-Language Pathology in her home country of Sri Lanka, serving children where resources, therapeutic experts and technology are incredibly limited. We will miss her dearly, but are proud that she will continue to share our unwavering passion for helping each child reach their fullest potential with those families in need. Nimisha wrote the following blog post as a reflection of her time spent as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the Kennedy Day School (KDS) at Franciscan Children’s.

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A Day in the Life of a Franciscan Children’s Dietitian

Child in Pediatric Rehabilitation working with dietitian

At Franciscan Children’s, our dietitians work in variety of departments including Pediatric Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Inpatient Mental Health, and outpatient Pediatrics. In honor of the recent National Nutrition Month celebrations, we’ll break down the busy lives of the Franciscan Dietitians!

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Heart Health for Kids

Did you know that February is American Heart Month? The entire month is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease which is, unfortunately, the number one cause of death for Americans. With many diet and exercise habits starting in childhood, there are easy ways for families to reduce the risk of heart disease starting at home!

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From Tragedy to Triumph

Marathon Runner

With the help of his care team at Franciscan, Nick Prefontaine overcame incredible odds to recover from a tragic snowboarding accident twelve years ago. Today, he’s getting ready to run his first marathon in our honor.

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Breakfast: Fuel for School

There’s a reason why breakfast is often called “the most important meal of the day.” Emily, one of our Registered Dietitians, talks the benefits of breakfast, the best kinds of breakfasts, and easy, breezy, breakfast ideas for your family!