Kevin’s Story

The first thing you notice about Kevin Nascimento is his smile. It is warm, welcoming and lights up any room he’s in. A beaming 13-year-old, Kevin has worked very hard at Franciscan Children’s, and Franciscan Children’s has worked very hard to support him. It is hard to fathom just how far Kevin has come but he’s been able to overcome many odds and is living his best life.

Kevin faces challenges every single day. He has very complex medical and developmental conditions including myelomeningocele, the most severe form of spina bifida and hydrocephalus, water on the brain. He requires a tracheostomy tube, ventilator support while sleeping and is unable to eat on his own. He wears orthotics and walks with crutches for assistance.

These issues may stop some, but they sure haven’t stopped Kevin or his amazing team at Franciscan Children’s. Where others may see limitations, Kevin and his expert team see opportunity. At Franciscan Children’s and the Kennedy Day School, located on the Franciscan Children’s campus, it’s all about what Kevin ‘can’ do. ‘Can’t’ is not part of the vernacular.

“His life is wrapped in Franciscan Children’s,” says his mother. “And they’ve taught me and my family everything we need to know about caring for Kevin. Because of Franciscan, he is a very happy child even with everything he goes through. He is very loved, by us, at church and at Franciscan.”

Kevin lived the first four years of his life as a patient in the medical unit at Franciscan Children’s. Through the support he received there, he was able to make amazing strides and was eventually able to go home. From there, he enrolled as a student at the Kennedy Day School and has been in attendance ever since.

“He makes us feel like living more and giving more value to life. He has taught us the meaning of life”

Kevin is determined. His confidence is ever building, he is learning to self-advocate, and he is a friend to all. “Kevin says hi to everyone in the hallways. We like to call him the ‘mayor'”, one of his teachers remarked. He works hard and enjoys math but soccer and volleyball are his absolute favorite.

Kevin also has an incredible love for music. He enjoys singing and loves to play the drums and the keyboard.

Click HERE to learn more about Kevin and his love of music, something he has developed through the Franciscan Children’s music therapy program.

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