Family Advisory Council

Franciscan Children’s embraces the concept of Family Centered Care, which recognizes that children are members of a Family Unit where they receive their primary support and care.

At the hospital, we recognize that the information and insight shared by our families is crucial in developing our professional staff’s ability to provide exceptional care to children and their families.

One of the key concepts of Family Centered Care is the belief that health care providers and family members must work as partners in order to meet the needs of the child.

Franciscan Children’s has developed a Family Advisory Council, a formal advisory group of patients, caregivers, and staff, with direct input and influence on policies, programs, and practices impacting children and families.

The main goal of the Family Advisory Council is to continuously improve understanding and communication between the hospital/school staff and the family members they serve.

We currently host three Family Advisory Councils. Our facility is diverse in the nature of the services provided, so each council is designed to address specific goals related to these specialized programs.

  • Medical inpatient and outpatient, diagnostic services and Medical Day Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Educational (Kennedy Day School)

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