Community Based Acute Treatment

The Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) Program at Franciscan Children’s is an intensive, short-term acute residential unit for children and adolescents experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties. Often, the CBAT program is used as a diversion to an inpatient hospitalization.

Treatment and stabilization is provided in a structured setting. By simulating everyday community living in a safe, therapeutic environment, children learn the skills and behaviors that will help when they return to their homes, schools, and communities.

About Our Program

Program Philosophy

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Our Mission

The Franciscan Children’s CBAT Unit strives to serve children and youth experiencing complex behavioral and emotional problems by encouraging hope and promoting everyday skills to the children and youth, their families, and communities in an unlocked, structured and therapeutic environment.

Our Core Values

  • Provide child and family-centered care
  • Use of evidence-based practice
  • Encompass a strengths-based model
  • Prepare children for a successful return to their communities
  • Partner to provide a continuity of care

Patient Profile

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Boys and girls in the CBAT program range in age from four to fourteen and include all levels of developmental abilities. Typically, children are referred from the community or as a step down from a more intensive inpatient hospitalization. Presenting diagnoses may include mood disorders, attention deficit disorder, depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

With an average of 2-3 weeks of intensive treatment, each child’s individual treatment goals allow for improved self-image and a restoration of safety. Upon discharge, prompt aftercare will be established to support a reduction in high-risk behaviors, and allow for a smooth transition back to their community or other setting.

The Treatment Experience

7_16_13_006 smallIn-depth evaluations of each child by the clinical team allow for the development of personalized treatment plans with successful outcomes. Treatment occurs the minute a child comes on to the unit. Successful discharge is aided by the recognition of each child’s strengths and close work with their families.

During the course of a child’s treatment, they will receive individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and milieu therapy as well as daily educational schooling, which allows them to keep up with their educational needs. Psychopharmacological evaluations are managed by our psychiatry team to allow for diagnostic clarity and medication management.

Each child has their own personal space during their stay, and the child-friendly atmosphere of the unit allows for each child to feel safe and comfortable. Several outdoor playgrounds and fields may also be used in the course of a child’s stay, and children may have the opportunity to go on field trips with residential counselors to practice coping skills in typical situations, including going to movies, sporting events, educational events and museum exhibits. This gives them the opportunity to build positive and appropriate social and independent skills under the supervision of trained counselors.

While the unit is essentially self-contained, children are granted community passes to be with their families and caregivers based on safety and privilege level.

Insurance and Licensing

We accept most private insurances. Both Medicaid and Mass Health insurances accepted. The CBAT unit is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care. We also comply with all standards set forth by the Joint Commission. Interpreter Services are available.

Additional Contact Information

Kate May
Manager, CBAT Program
(617) 779-1592

To make a referral or for additional information, please call our 24-hour access line at 617-659-5087

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