Research Program

The Research Center for Children with Special Health Care Needs is an innovative enterprise devoted to the promotion of evidence-based practice in pediatric rehabilitation and the development, evaluation, and dissemination of effective models of care for children.

Housed within Franciscan Children’s and with consultation from the Health and Disability Research Institute at Boston University, the Research Center provides the infrastructure and expertise to investigate the effectiveness of new interventions and programs and to disseminate the results to a broad community of professionals, purchasers of pediatric services and families.

Research Program


Our research activities are based on evaluating the best outcomes for children with special needs. Our activities include but are not limited to pulmonary rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, spasticity management, fitness and health promotion for children with disabilities and development of pediatric outcome measures.


Community – The Research Center at Franciscan Children’s partners with national, regional and local private foundations, corporations, local universities, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to evaluate and promote excellence in health care and rehabilitative care for children.

National – The Research Center at Franciscan Children’s was the founding member of the Specialized Pediatric Applied Research Collaborative (SPARC), a national group of pediatric post-acute facilities pursuing a common research agenda.

Clinical Excellence

We are committed to outcome management and research methodologies that evaluate the effectiveness of services and ensure that the highest quality is achieved across all levels of the continuum of care.

Professional Training

The Research Center is committed to identifying the educational and training needs of health care professionals and providing specialized, educational programs.

Program Goals

To evaluate the delivery of care

To provide clinical outcomes analyses

To examine new methods of care

To provide training to pediatric medical and rehabilitation professionals

Adaptive Sports and Active Recreation Resource Guide

Research in the News


2012- 2013

Post-Acute Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Physical Activity and Fitness in Children with Disabilities

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Pediatric Outcome Measurement

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Therapy Intervention
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2010- 2011

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2008- 2009

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